Stories of hope and wonder

AtusaOur first book: The dormitory of the black clouds 
The girl on the cover is Atusa. Her village suffers of a long-lasting draught. Many men, much older than her, have left the village to catch and bring the black clouds to the village to rain, but in vain. They have never returned. The village is hunted by the horrifying stories of their disappearance. “They are most probably eaten by the clouds”. While no dares to leave the village in search for raining clouds, Atusa decide to go for it. The whole village is against her, her mother too. “Men have failed, I’ll hunt and bring the clouds”. Atusa leaves the village …

Of this first book, 800 copies have been published, and 800 children have received theirs already. You can have a sneak preview below. Our target is to print and deliver 10.000 copies this year, for which we ask your help. With every 3 euro’s, we can translate, draw, publish and deliver a book to a child in Afghanistan. The books have a BookCrossing page to leave your name and message, so books can be passed on to other and reach a wider community of readers. In other words, with every 2 euro’s you will plant the seeds of curiosity and build an inclusive world, one child at a time.

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