Who we are?

A group of young women and men from and friends of Afghanistan who are passionate about cultivating and regenerating their shared cultural values and strengthening peaceful relationships amongst themselves and the world around them. 

What do we mean by culture?

In Afghanistan’s multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, everyone is part of a minority, and no single ethnic group can claim historical and cultural values. We believe in unity and diversity; in a culture that respects and preserves diversity while sharing a connecting cultural history ​​that all citizens of Afghanistan can belong to. After years of destruction, a generative culture is needed, which is inclusive and creative such that a shared future becomes possible. 

Our vision

  • Dialogue across difference
  • Sharing music, food and literature
  • Learning, self-awareness and reflection 
  • Fighting poverty
  • Offering medical help en education

These are the basis for an inclusive, peaceful, and culturally rich society. 

We see a world where people of Afghanistan that have fled their country, can find a home away from home together. We strive for a society where diversity is celebrated, kindness and mutual acceptance are acted upon and individual liberties and human rights are fostered and preserved. Be it in here in Europe and or back in Afghanistan.

Our Board

Ofran Badakhshani, Chairman
Peter Brinkman, treasurer
Delaram Zohouri: secretary

Our Advisory Board

  • Dr. Thieu Besselink
  • Ignaz Anderson

The board of the Gilgamesh Foundation does not receive any remuneration other than compensation for expenses incurred and not excessive attendance fees.

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