The foundation will focus on acquiring:

  1. Subsidies and other contributions
  2. Donations

Active fundraising:

  1. Sponsor plan for companies, institutions and other foundations.

Passive Fundraising:

  1. Getting donations on our own website
  2. Getting donations on third-party websites

Our programs and Projects for 2022 and 2023

Program 1: Stories of hope and wonder

Translating and writing books for children, 9 – 13 years and 13 – 17 years. The books will be translated from Dutch, English and German child literature, into Persian, Uzbek and Pashtu. The first book of these series “The dormitory of black clouds” is already published and distributed to 800 children. We are selecting and translating the next.

Program 2: House of Gilgamesh Home of the Free
Houses of Gilgamesh will be cultural centres in Netherlands, Afghanistan and Tadzhikistan. In these centres we will train and stimulate women of Afghanistan in the fields of entrepreneurship, business development, management and economic independence. Our houses will also provide cultural programs, language courses, music lessons and other activities to stimulate culture makers and creative minds.

Programma 3: Reconsliations through music and art
The everlasting ethnic conflict has damaged many relations and broken many cultural relations. Through music and art, we try to overcome those cleavages and heal wounds of war. Therefore in the years to come we will organise many cultural tours through Europe to bring people of Afghanistan from different backgrounds together.

Programma 4: Women Entrepreneurship
Using ILO’s (International Labour Organisation) methods and knowledge, we train women of and young entrepreneurs Afghanistan to crystallise their business ideas and help them find them the right financial partner and investors to realise their business dreams.